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The Colegio de Bachilleres is a public organism decentralized of the State created by Presidential Decree on September 26, 1973. Its object is to offer studies of baccalaureate to the graduated ones from the secondary education, in the modalities student and opened.
The Colegio de Bachilleres, educational institution of the Federal Government with sedates in the capital of the country and its metropolitan area, contributes in an important way in the attention of the demand of general baccalaureate. Its school system attends to a wide student population distributed in two shifts. The opened system gives the proper services of the modality in five centers of study and has extended the coverage to companies, public dependences and social organizations in Mexico City, in other cities of the country and in the United States, by means of the establishment, for agreement, of centers of advising and of authorized centers of evaluation, the latter partners to the communitarian places installed by the National Council of Education for the Life and the Work (CONEVyT) In the whole country, where our baccalaureate offers on line.



To form competent citizens to achieve activities proper of the moment and scientific, technological, historical, social, economic, political and philosophical condition, with a level of domain that allows them to mobilize and to use, in an integral and satisfactory way, knowledge, skills, skills and attitudes, belonging to the natural and social sciences such as the humanities.


To be an educational institution with academic leadership and social prestige, with students of excellence, committed with themselves and their society; in well equipped, sure and aesthetic facilities, with administrative efficient processes that contribute the formation of competent graduates for the life.



The student modality of the Colegio is one of the best options of Baccalaureate education in Mexico City for the young people who wish to continue studying after the secondary one. It offers spaces in 20 schools (called planteles) that work in two turns, from 7 to 13 and of 15 to 21 hours. They are located in 12 of the 16 delegations of Mexico City and in three municipalities of Mexico State, as it follows:

Mexico City:
Azcapotzalco (Planteles 1 and 18), Gustavo A. Madero (Planteles 2, 9 and 11), Iztacalco (Plantel 3), Coyoacan (Planteles 4 and 17), Iztapalapa (Planteles 6 and 7), Cuajimalpa (Plantel 8), Venustiano Carranza (Plantel 10), Xochimilco Tepepan (Plantel 13), Milpa Alta (Plantel 14), Magdalena Contreras (Plantel 15), Tlahuac (Plantel 16) and Benito Juarez (Plantel 20).

Municipalities of Mexico State:
Tlalnepantla (Plantel 5), Nezahualcoyotl (Plantel 12) and Ecatepec (Plantel 19).

The student system is governed by an annual calendar of activities that contemplates important dates of the two semesters that are included in every year, where the beginning and term of the periods of class are marked; the days of inscription and application of the extraordinary examinations that are programmed in every semester; the vacation periods and the days of suspension of classes; as well as the dates of inscription that correspond to every school semester. In order to consult the calendar of the student system, click here: Calendar of the student system 2008B-2009A

The students —besides of attending the classes that correspond to the subjects study— have the opportunity to register in some of the artistic workshops that work in each school, Music, Dance, Plastic Arts, Theater; as well as in sport activities like soccer, basketball, volleyball and athletics; in addition they can participate in contests of short stories, poetry, comic, photography, ecological posters, among others. Also they count on with the service of library and support of scholastic advisers and medical service.



The open system of the Colegio de Bachilleres is a flexible model that has diversified its forms and scenes of attention. The assessment centers work at the planteles 1-El Rosario, 2-Cien Metros, 3-Iztacalco, 4-Culhuacan and 5-Satélite and give service from 8 to 11 and of 16 to 21 hours, Tuesday to Friday and, Saturday, from 8 to 14 hours.

The assessment centers established in companies, dependencies and in facilities of social organizations, as well as in the authorized centers of evaluation that operate on line to give support to the students of our baccalaureate, which access in the communitarian places or from any computer connected to Internet, have particular timings, according to the suitable conditions of operation.

Within the framework of the Attention to Mexicans in the Outside Program, the open system of the Colegio de Bachilleres is the educative option for the migrant ones and is promoted by the Secretariat of Foreign Relations (SRE) by conduit of the Consulates of Mexico in the United States and Canada. In addition it takes care of mexicans in established centers in the extension schools of the UNAM in San Antonio, Texas; Chicago, Illinois and Los Angeles, California; in two correctional centers: California City and the one of Cibola, New Mexico; among others seats.

Also, the on line baccalaureate of the Colegio de Bachilleres has recognition in the High Schools of the universities of California and of Texas, so that the people registered in that level can study our contents in Spanish and when they pass certain subjects, they'll gain credits for the High School, which allows them to advance in their studies at the same time they prepare to domain English.



The academic structure of the Colegio de Bachilleres includes two non curricular areas, in order to support the integral formation of the student:

  • Artistic and sport education
  • Scholastic, vocational and psycho-social development support

In addition, it contemplates the academic services of library, laboratories and computing rooms.

The curriculum of the Colegio de Bachilleres is the same in the student system and the open modality. It is conformed by three areas of formation: basic, specific and for the work.

The subjects that conform the areas of specific and basic formation represent 80% of the credits, whereas those of the area of formation for the work represent 20%.

To attend the area of formation for the work are offered to the student from three to six different options, between which they must choose a qualification. The Colegio de Bachilleres offers the following qualifications for the work: Human Resources Management, Librarianship, Accounting, Architectonic and of Construction Drawing, Industrial Drawing, Tourist Companies, Computer Science, Chemical Laboratory Assistant and Organization and Methods.



To our graduated students we grant a certificate of baccalaureate studies that have official validity in all the country and, in addition, a diploma of the qualification for the work that attended. The document is the same for the scholastic system and the open modality.

Also we set out to increase the number of students who, by own decision, are put under the respective evaluations to obtain a certification of labor competition, even though would they haven't concluded their baccalaureate, which is drawn up by conduit of the Council of Normalization and Certification of Labor Competition (CONOCER).



From its creation, the Colegio de Bachilleres has accomplish the mission for which it was created: to contribute to the formation of thousands of Mexican young people, and its historical graduated ones is one of the main indicators of it.

The first generation was graduated at the end of the semester 1976-B; since then and until August 13th of 2006, the historical of the institution ascends to 329,064 graduated ones, of which 319,279 concluded their baccalaureate in the scholastic system and 9,785 in the open system.



The Colegio de Bachilleres initiated its academic activities in February of 1974, received in his first five schools (planteles) 11,800 students. The growth of the demand favored the opening of 11 new scholastic centers, being created the establishments from 6 to 16 between 1977 and 1978. In 1979 establishments 17 settled down, 18 and 19 and, finally, in February of 1985, began to work the establishment number 20.

On the other hand, the open system initiated its academic activity in April of 1976, in its five assessment centers. This modality, in its 30 years of academic life has been consolidated like an important educative option for all those people who, for some reason, cannot initiate or retake their studies of baccalaureate in a sent to school system.


Dr. Guillermo Ortiz Garduño
Mtro. José Ángel Vizcaíno Pérez
Ing. Calixto Mateos González
Lic. Ramón Díaz de León Espino
Lic. Jorge González Teyssier
Ing. Ricardo Oziel Flores Salinas
Dr. Roberto Castañón Romo



Lic. María Guadalupe Murguía Gutiérrez. - from February 1st of 2011




Through 33 years of educative presence, the advances and achievements of the Colegio de Bachilleres are important and recognized by different instances. Its main result is the historical graduated ones, for being the essence of the institutional mission, the one that —from the first generation that concluded the baccalaureate in our institution and until August 31st of 2006— ascends to 329,064 students.

Another important advance is that the students of the Colegio de Bachilleres already have access to scholarships. The Secretariat of Public Education (SEP) incorporated us, in September of 2004, to the National Program of Scholarships to the Academic Excellence and the Scholastic Advantage. At the beginning they granted 834 scholarships to our students, and in scholastic cycle 2005-2006, 60 new scholarships were authorized, as well as an important number of substitute ones. For the period 2006-2007 it is hoped to receive a greater increase in the number of scholarships that will be granted to our students who fulfill the bases and requirements of the respective call.

Also, in recognition to that the Colegio de Bachilleres is one of the options better accepted by the graduated ones of secondary school, the SEP authorized the growth of our matriculation in four thousand places from cycle 2004-2005 and, in support to that measurement, also authorized an investment of almost 60 million pesos to extend our capacity installed in three schools. The four new constructed buildings, that lodge more than 50 classrooms, 8 sanitary modules and 8 laboratories, were inaugurated the Secretary of Public Education on February 3rd of 2005.

On the other hand, the Secretariat of Foreign Relations, from May of 2004, chose our baccalaureate to attend the Mexican migrants in the United States and Canada, who wish to initiate or retake their high school education. In addition, our baccalaureate on line provides education in the communitarian places of 21 states of the country in charge of the CONEVYT-INEA. Also, in Veracruz and Mexico State, the respective Secretariats of Education, decided to promote our on line modality among their population.

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